Flat and shallow water in Punta Trettu sardinia
Punta Trettu, the best kite spot of Sardinia

Kitesurfing Sardegna’s purpose, kite school based in Sardinia, is to bring each student to learn to kitesurf in a fast, funny and safe way, leearning to well control and handle the kitesurf.

Quality of Kitesurfing Lessons , fun in learning kitesurfing are our watchwords!

Instructors of our kite school, based both in Cagliari and in Punta Trettu, considered the best kites spot of Sardinia, have great experience and use an internationally recognized teaching code.

Step by Step, by adapting the Kitesurfing course and the lessons to your ability, needs and desires, we will achieve together the goals learning how to handle the kite and finally how to glide on the water with a kiteboard.

Whether you are a beginner or an advanced rider, we have Kitesurfing Lesson and kitesurfing courses tailored to your needs!

Learn to Kitesurf in Sardinia
Kitesurf in Punta Trettu, the best kite spot of Sardinia

Where we are

Our Kitevschool, that has a deep partnership with KiteGeneration and Punta Trettu Kite Center Sardinia, is based both in Cagliari and Punta Trettu, considered the best kite spot in Sardinia, with flat and shallow water.

Punta Trettu in Sardinia with flat and shallow water
Punta Trettu, the best Kite spot of Sardinia

Kite school services

Our kiteschool propose many services on kitesurfing as kite lessons, kite rental, and kite accommodation in Punta Trettu where we have a partnership with the Punta Trettu Kitesurf House.
Here below you can find the list of our kite courses.

Trial Kite Course (2 hours)

The trial Kite Course is the best way to discover kitesurfing. The Trial Kite Course is addressed to completely beginners who have never kitesurfed before and want to learn the fundamental skills to start kitesurfing:

  • The Kite theory;
  • How to arming and de-arming a kite;
  • The kite taking off (or launching) and the kite landing;
  • How to pilot the kite in the different areas of the flight window.

Beginner Kite Courses

The Kite Courses for beginners are addressed to people that would like to learn to kitesurf. There are different packages of kite courses and their difference is on the duration (we propose kite courses that start from 3 hours till 15 hours). With a longer kite course,  you will get better kite skills and level.

Kite course in Punta Trettu sardinia
Kite Course in Punta Trettu

Advanced Kite Courses

If you are already able to kitesurf upwind, you could be considered an advanced rider. In this case, if you like to improve your kite level and skills, you can choose among our kite courses for advanced to learn skills ad jumps, ride a surfboard, back roll, etc.

Advanced Kite Course in Sardinia
Kitesurfing Lesssons for advanced

Kite Course for Children

Are you dreaming to be the next world champion of kitesurf? Or would you like just to learn a new fun sport like kitesurfing? In this case, Learn to Kitesurf with the Kitesurfing Course for children!

This Kite Course is addressed both to Kids that have no experience with sailing and to Kids who already have previous experience with sailing or windsurfing or kitesurfing.

With the kite course for children will be adopted appropriate kite material and techniques for the young kiters: from the choice of the best weather conditions, to the use of the right kite equipment to the methodologies, everything is adapted to let the young students learning fast with safety and happyness.

The Children Kite Course is carried out using an appropriate kitesurf equipment (such as wetsuits, harness, kites, etc)suitable for the age and weight of the child and with the sailing-game approach.

For more information regarding the kite course for children, please refere to this page.

Kitesurf Course for Children in Sardinia
Kitesurf Course for Children in Cagliari | Sardinia Kitesurfing